Crew Resume and CV Posting Policy

We provide this area for crew members to post resumes and CVs without charge. Even so, we still have a few rules to make things simple and fair to all. Please remember that we are primarily advertising for ourselves. This is basically a free bulletin board, and as such, we just put what you send us onto our site.

We absolutely do not guarantee any results.


1. We are not a crew placement service.

2. You provide the Resume or CV and photo (if you have one) sent by e-mail only. Maximum size of any email is 750K so nothing too fancy please.

3. E-mail attachments may be in Text, Word, Word Perfect or other word processing formats. PDF is acceptable, too.

4. If you have access to a digital camera or scanner, send a photo as a .JPG file and as an attachment to your e-mail. Remember no bigger than 750K

5. We will post resumes in the language it is sent in. English is preferred. If English is not your first language, find someone whose is - and have them proof read your resume. Try to pick someone who is not illiterate.We will not translate ... sorry!

6. We aren't a resume service. We post your resume or CV just as we receive it. We will not correct even the most glaring errors.

7. If you want a classy looking resume - go to a resume service.

8. All material you submit for posting becomes the property of

9. We reserve the right to edit any submissions, but only if we want to.

10. We reserve to right to refuse to post anything sent to us.  Don't waste your time composing joke resumes.

11. We cannot guarantee that your details will be published immediately. In fact we may be at sea ourselves for quite a while. Please bear with us and we'll publish your details eventually.

12. If you get placed, have fun and keep us posted on your progress!

25 JANUARY 2002